Fast Friends
The working title for this books was Two Free Women and Pig. It's a female buddy book, in which two uneasy friends from college are thrown back together. Liza, the L.A. sophisticate, thinks that her husband's murder is the worst thing that could happen. She's wrong. Ellen, the small town girl who never considered herself in Liza's league, thinks she's flying west to help her friend plan the funeral for a guy she always found suspicious. She's very wrong. The pig, Felton, hopes to avoid being bacon. But when they discover why Liza's husband was killed and the disaster he planned... (I could go on, but I so hate flap copy that gives away the plot.)

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The Celestial Buffet and Other Morsels of Murder
Includes four Jill Smith stories, the only Kiernan O'Shaughnessy story, and two with the celestial detective, plus a surprising—even to me—number of views of the afterlife.

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